Secret City Woodstock – Performance Application
Contact: Dzeli Palmer | | 607-431-8422 |

Project Description
Unraveling: To Come Undone is an interactive performance in the woods.  I shift from a controlling, linear, rigid accountant to a fluid, sensuous, receptive animal, taking the attendees with me on the journey.  There is no fourth wall and many points of interaction between myself and the attendees as well as between the attendees themselves.
I begin by seeking  beauty through order and structure.  That is conveyed by my costuming, physicality and instructions to the group.  Perfect order is impossible to achieve, so I build to a high point of frustration & anger.  Slowly I become aware of my breath and nature’s speaking to my senses. I shift gradually in my costuming, physicality and communication to the group, shedding layers, incorporating singing, movement, rhythm and direct connection with nature.  I lead that to a collective peak in movement, music and abandon (the JOY). We exit through the woods back to the world, changed.

Creative team with bio
Dzeli Palmer
Through song, dance and storytelling, Dzeli creates visceral and emotional work rooted in the earth. She has performed, taught, led workshops and hosted events interweaving community, activism and the arts for many years. She has a Masters in Creative Inquiry and Social Activism from the Experimental Performance Institute at New College of California in San Francisco. She is also an Accounting Consultant and the Board Treasurer for Earthdance in Plainfield, MA.  Dzeli is based in Cooperstown, NY.

I haven’t scouted locations yet.  I’d like to perform this in the woods.

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