You are invited to an evening of relaxed playful connection.

Part-workshop and part-exploration,  Nourish is an intentional space to practice asking for what you want and setting boundaries.  It is a place to get the nourishing touch and connection we all need to be healthy, in a safe supported environment.

How to RSVP
This is a space is carefully crafted to create safety and build trust. In order to do this, the group size is small and I have a conversation with new people once they register to make sure they’re a good fit.

To RSVP, please contact me. Your spot will reserved once I receive payment. There is one volunteer spot at each event for an assistant. Please contact me if you’re interested in that and you’ve been to a Nourish gathering before.

The Container

The evening begins with relaxed arrivals and a cup of tea. At the set time, we will begin our opening circle and no late entries will be allowed. We do this to ensure that everyone goes through journey together. Our inner animals need the safety of space and time to acclimate to each other before we can relax and soften.

The opening circle is a place for arrival: introductions and a grounding meditation orient us to each other and the earth. From there we go over the agreements for the evening before digging in.

The Exercises

Manifesting your desires and true communication come with practice. We go through several fun interactive exercises to help you with each stage of the process: identifying, communicating and navigating to resolution.

The Space to Play

Once we have completed the exercises, we open the circle to free exploration. There are snacks and tea and relaxing music. Take your time to get to know the other people who have gathered with you.

Listen carefully to your body and see if a desire is arising that you’d like to explore. Possible non-sexual activities are hugs, back rubs, foot massages, nuzzling, head scratching, spooning and snuggling. You are also not required to touch at all! Talking with a new friend over a cup of tea is a wonderful way to spend the evening. Focusing only on your partner is also welcomed.

This is a non-sexual event so while it is natural to feel arousal as your body slowly wakes up, we recommend you change activities or get a breath of air if you feel your body taking over. If you begin to feel uncomfortable in an activity that felt comfortable before, you are always free to stop and do something else.

We end with a closing circle to honor our collective and unique experiences.

The Philosophy

Through rooting into our bodies, we connect with the quiet wisdom of earth, our breath, our heart and our animal. Often our animals have been caged and bound for many years, made to feel too wild or inappropriate or perhaps it has recoiled in fear from past traumas. Cultivating this deep inner knowing and honoring what it tells you is at the core of healing.

There is a limit to the healing you can do in isolation. It is through connection with others that we can return to what our animal bodies crave: touch, care and being part of a group that looks after each other.

Once you have connected with and nourished your body, a limitless potential of love is unleashed. This is Eros and there are many beautiful ways of expressing it: kindness towards strangers, making art, making love, expressing gratitude, speaking out against injustice, enjoying delicious food, dancing in the moonlight, you name it.

This is the culture I am nourished by and the culture I wish to help grow. Join me and unleash your potential.

About the work and about me
I first came across this work when I learned the dance form Contact Improvisation in 2002 in San Francisco. My path of personal healing and creative expression has led me across several continents, through several degrees and in the presence of many amazing humans and teachers. I have hosted countless gatherings to create art, community and social change.

Some relevant highlights:

I am also available to lead this workshop for private groups and as part of larger events. Please contact me to discuss your ideas.

I am actively looking for more opportunities to teach the Nourish workshop, including branching out to new audiences: e.g. children, the elderly, polyamorous communities and the LGBTQ community.