The Telegraph School

I am so very pleased to share that my new venture has feathered out and taken flight!

The Telegraph School is a home for the Performing and Healing Arts. It is a place where you can sink into your bones, release the cares of the day, connect with others and rekindle your spark. We offer many forms of dance and yoga classes, monthly Open Mics and Red Tents and so much more.

It’s been a joy to bring this to life. After decades of offering classes, workshops and performances throughout the Northeast US and Canada, having a local home for my offerings and those of others is such a blessing. We have so many creative and caring humans in our midst, it’s a lot of fun to nurture this into a vibrant community center. I look forward to supporting our collective emergence from the pandemic and the healing required to ground and connect us again.

Come on over and say hi!
More details and schedules on our website:

Grieving Together

A grief ritual. We did it again. We laid the stones, lit the fire, called in the sisters and the spirits and let go. Singing, moving, crying, supporting, falling, rising, breathing, drumming…

I am grateful for these hills, the creeks, rain, snow and wind. I am grateful for wise mother moon and the sun, sometimes shining down and warming my skin and very often hiding. You all nourish me and I am an extension of you.

I am grateful for the bearers of this ritual: Sobunfu Somé of the Dagara people and Zahava Griss and the Touch & Play community.

I am grateful for the ancestral guardians of this place, the Kanien’kehá:ka people, who honor mother earth and lay down their lives to protect her. This land was stolen from them through deceit, broken promises and bloodshed. To this day, indigenous people are on the front lines of protecting our planet from extractive industries that destroy everything in their path. You can learn more and support the Wet’suwet’en people at

I am grateful for my sister who taught me deep love, unwavering support and through her death, perseverance through incredible grief.

Our gathering and collective release was a stone thrown into a lake. Under the surface, stress, anger and loneliness swirl. With each brave step forward, the ripples pass through us, through our close ones and out into the world. It felt so very right.

With my re-found friend and soul sister, anything is possible. I am grateful for you, Erin. Expect great things to come!

May you, oh reader, find a way to release what is holding you back, so that life can flow through you once more.