Curriculum Vitae

Artist Bio

I have been dancing since I was born. My mother said as a baby I danced with my hands to the sounds of the birds singing. I danced in the cafes of Paris at age 3 for the gypsy jazz musicians. I danced in the fields and hills of my home growing up and sang to the moon.

I move people’s hearts by feeling deeply into my own. My adventures are of the heart, the body and the earth. I weave my curiosity into expressions of pain and beauty. I take in the soft and the hard, the confused and the serene and smelt them all in my creative fires, birthing complexity, beauty and stillness.

Touch, community and nature are my roots. My voice, my heart and my soaring spirit are my branches.

My name comes from my Slavic roots, An-dzeli-ka. My people are the gypsies, the jews and the winged horsemen of Eastern Europe; people who lived fully through their music, their heart and their imagination.

Through song, dance and storytelling, I create visceral and emotional work rooted in the earth. I have performed, taught, led workshops and hosted events interweaving community, activism and the arts for many years. I have a Masters in Creative Inquiry and Social Activism from the Experimental Performance Institute at New College of California in San Francisco. I have been the Board Treasurer for Earthdance in Plainfield, MA and I am based in Cooperstown, NY.  I am an interdisciplinary social practice culture maker.

I am also an Accounting Consultant and have spent the last two decades assisting entrepreneurs to align their business with their values and to streamline their systems. More info on that at: Green Circle