Peeling the Onion

Peeling the Onion: An introduction to Shadow through Authentic Movement and Contact Improv.

A 6-week series of adult modern dance classes.

Together we will peel back our onion layers of stress, judgement and inhibition.  We’ll sink into our core and root down into the earth.  Through Authentic Movement, we will explore our inner landscape and our vulnerability, while being held in a safe compassionate container.  Through Contact Improv, we will expand into our senses and outwards to the floor, the walls and each other.   As we build trust, we will find freedom and lightness through play.

This series is appropriate for those who desire to reconnect with their body and their breath.  No dance experience required.  A willingness to explore recommended!

Cooperstown: Thursdays 9/19 – 10/25 @ Fit to be Tied Yoga, 103 Main St 3rd Fl
Oneonta: Wednesdays 9/18 – 10/24 @ Stanley-Wade School of Dance, 140 Main St 2nd Fl