Post-Nature Performance

Create y(our) Relationship With Nature

What a beautiful intimate experience it was, offering myself as your sculpture and canvas. Thank you for your playful exploration. I am joyous to see the depth and vitality of your relationship with Nature.

Thank you to The Art Garage for hosting my performance and to James Herman for inviting me to offer it.

Ecstatic Dance Cooperstown!

A free form dance party

June 1st, 2019 at 7pm
Upper Susquehanna Cultural Center
77 North Main St, Milford, NY
$10 – $20 sliding scale, kids free

Join us for an Ecstatic Dance!
Come dance the night away to the magic of DJ Noah Johannesen.
Let the music lift you to a higher plane. Let your stress and thoughts wash away as your body moves to the beat. We begin with a circle of intention and close with a circle of reflection.
If you haven’t heard of ecstatic dances before, they’re big clean spaces for free form dancing. The music is eclectic: electronic, world, funk, pop, whatever keeps the energy flowing.

Check out the facebook event page for this dance
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Here’s a fun intro to Ecstatic Dances.
Another intro, this one with footage of an ecstatic dance.

Parlor Night

mural by A’shop

An evening of fun, food, creativity and community

A venue for the unusual: performance art, sculpture from found objects, dance, poetry, artifacts… anything with a story and a heart.

Living in a rural town, remote from any urban center, can be challenging. Where do you share your creativity? Where are the weirdos? How do you stay focused on creating while balancing paying the bills and family time?

Here’s a solution! Join fellow artists and art-lovers for this bi-monthly event to share our art and support each other’s creative process.

Food is a big part of this, so please bring a dish to pass as well.

All disciplines and skill-levels are welcome.

To join the discussion & see upcoming events: request to join our facebook group or send me a message.

Workshop – The Divine Feminine Embodied

Photo by Sebastian Molina

We are in the middle a powerful surge of the rising of the Divine Feminine, also known as the Age of Aquarius. Intuition, empathy, trust and connection are becoming more valued in our society than they have been for thousands of years. As we build these capacities within ourselves, we must release what is holding us back. We have internalized judgement and fear that block our body’s wisdom of deep Eros: love, connection and pleasure.

Journey with me through your body to discover your desires, give voice to them and navigate to their fulfillment. By unlocking your body’s ability to get what it desires, you strengthen your intuition and trust in yourself and each other.

This workshop will involve exercises of deep listening, consent and non-sexual touch.

*from a recently submitted workshop proposal.