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The Cherry Valley Water Project is Funded!

Very exciting news! I’ve been accepted into the Rural and Traditional Arts Fellowship NYSCA program! The Cherry Valley Water Project will consist of several parts. We’ll begin with interviews about life alongside the Cherry Valley creek, drinking from the pure source of life, growing plants from the rainwater, playing in […]

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Grieving Together

A grief ritual. We did it again. We laid the stones, lit the fire, called in the sisters and the spirits and let go. Singing, moving, crying, supporting, falling, rising, breathing, drumming… I am grateful for these hills, the creeks, rain, snow and wind. I am grateful for wise mother moon […]

Events , Gratitude , How It Went

Post-Nature Performance

Create y(our) Relationship With Nature What a beautiful intimate experience it was, offering myself as your sculpture and canvas. Thank you for your playful exploration. I am joyous to see the depth and vitality of your relationship with Nature. Thank you to The Art Garage for hosting my performance and […]