WillowGrove : Coming of Age

A program for young women ages 11 to 13.


Email angelica@dzeli.com to be placed on the waitlist.

Through creative arts and practical projects, stories and sharing circles, we teach young women to listen to and trust their intuition as well as how to strengthen their relationships to nature and each other.  They learn how to take care of their bodies and their hearts during puberty, menstruation and beyond. Throughout the program, we will listen to our body’s wisdom, shown through our senses and the range of our emotions.

We come together as a circle to feel the trust, focus, contentedness and positive energy that happens when women and girls meet intentionally. All of this cultivates self-esteem, self-confidence and a feeling of being rooted in Mother Earth and lovingly held by something larger than yourself.

This program is inspired by the Journey of Young Women training program, which the facilitators of WillowGrove have completed. We will follow all guidelines set forth by the NYS Department of Health.

The group size is limited to 9 participants and is open to anyone between the ages of 11 and 13 that feels drawn to it, regardless of orientation or race. Trans girls welcome!

When:  The camp will be held August 9th through August 12th from 4pm to 7pm in the afternoon and on Friday August 13th in the evening. There is the option to sleep over Friday night and stay for the workshops on Saturday as part of the Wild Women Retreat (mothers invited too!).
A Mother’s circle will be offered the evening of July 15th.

Where:  This program will be held at The Telegraph School, 83 Alden St, Cherry Valley and will culminate Friday evening at a forested location in the hills of Hartwick, NY.

Cost:  The cost of this program is $100 per student plus a $50 materials fee. Scholarships are available to families in the Cooperstown school district who are registered with the Angel Network. If you are in a different school district and would like to request a scholarship, please contact us.

Registration deadline is June 30th.

To register:
1) please click “Add to cart” below and pay the course fee.
2) follow this link to fill out the registration form

Please contact Maria at margirlic@yahoo.com if you have any questions.

About the Facilitators:

Angelica Palmer, Lead Facilitator, is an artist, accountant and mother living in Cherry Valley. She has performed, taught, led workshops and hosted events interweaving community, activism and performance for many years. She teaches contact improv dance, leads women’s and girl’s circles and teaches Nourish workshops on consent, communication and touch.  Angelica has an MA in Experimental Performance and Social Activism from the New College of California and a BS in Statistics and International Development from Cornell U. Her websites are dzeli.com and greencircleny.com.

Maria Llanos Kaltenbach, Assistant Facilitator & Parent Liaison, mother of 2, has been a community activist and volunteer for over 18 years. Her adventures include going abroad to El Salvador on a medical and dental mission, helping in Honduras with a water purification system for a village of 42 families, and traveling to Texas to help refugees seeking asylum. In her community of Cooperstown, she volunteers with the League of Women Voters, the Glimmerglass Festival Guild, the SSPCA, and the Cooperstown PTA among others. Her goal in life is to raise strong women.


“My daughter was in Angelica’s Girl Scout troop for several years and had a wonderful experience. Angelica is simultaneously extremely organized and extremely creative, which is the perfect combination for working with children. Each meeting contained important lessons, but was so filled with fun that the children looked forward to it all week. In serious moments and in light, Angelica held their focus and drew them into complicated discussions. Art was created, concepts learned and ideas shared. Any program she leads will be magical.” – Lizzie C.

“Angelica has the ability to create a uniquely calming group environment where my two daughters feel comfortable to be themselves without fear of judgement. She is kind and supportive and celebrates each child as an individual.” – Miriam M.