Felix's First Days
Felix is 1 month old
First Christmas
2 months old
Florida pictures with Mommy
Felix with Mommy's Family
In California 2/06-3/06
May 2006
Felix turns 6 months old!
June 2006
Woodsy Pix from AMF
The Busride home from AMF
September and October 2006
The Zoo and Friends
Family Time
Halloween 2006
1st Birthday
Christmas 2006 with the Great Grandparents
January 2007 Florida with Mom's Family
Summer 2007 Part A An assortment of photos
Summer 2007 Part B A continued assortment of photos
Felix's 2nd Birthday
Felix's 2nd Birthday (page 2)
Springtime 2008!

Videos: laughing, bouncing, drumming, blub-blub (1.2MB),
camera attack! (624KB), bedtime (2.8MB), walking! (279KB) and
1st birthday cheer (1.7MB)

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